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Decon Systems does not undertake meth decontamination and meth testing ourselves, but we can offer advice, support and recommend fully trained, qualified, experienced decontamination or meth testing companies near you.

If you are interested in setting up your own meth testing or meth decontamination company, Decon Systems runs professional meth testing and meth decontamination training courses Australia-wide. Book a course online or contact us to discuss your options.
Our courses are aimed at new meth testing or meth decontamination businesses, or for those adding this service to an existing cleaning or restoration business.

Meth Contamination: Commonly Asked Questions

Methamphetamine (commonly known as Ice or Crystal Meth) has been a well-documented social issue in our society for a number of years. The use and manufacture of methamphetamine inside property leaves chemical residues which can be hazardous to occupants. Decon Systems...

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Industry Code of Practice – Why it is Needed

No tenant, property owner, prospective purchaser, real estate agent or property manager wants to find out that a property they have an interest in has a meth history. Australian real-world research shows that knowing and understanding what meth contamination may be...

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Meth Labs: What You Need to Know

It’s easy to believe that meth labs are a myth, existing randomly in tucked away corners of suburbs that don’t affect us. This is far from the truth however and landlords, investors and property managers need to be ever diligent to spot and report them, for the sake...

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Dangerous Chemicals Found in Methamphetamine

Crystal methamphetamine is one of the most destructive illicit drugs in Australia, with a very high potential for dependency and addiction. Unlike cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, methamphetamine is not a naturally occurring substance. What Is Crystal Meth? ...

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Meth Contamination: Insured or Not?

Australia’s expanding illicit drug problem is having an ever-increasing impact on investment property owners, with a growing number of rentals being contaminated by meth. Along with contamination come accusations – squarely levelled at the agent – about how it was...

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No Compulsory Testing for ACT Rentals

The ACT government does not intend to introduce compulsory methamphetamine testing for rental properties, despite specialists in decontamination reporting an increased workload as more houses are found to be affected. Western Australia's government is set to consider...

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Statement from Decon Systems’ Management

The team at Decon Systems have worked extremely hard to build a credible business that serves some of Australia’s largest and highly reputable cleaning and restoration companies, building inspectors and property management firms. Delivering balanced courses based on...

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Mandatory Meth Testing in WA?

Western Australia's ice epidemic could impact homeowners with the State Government set to consider mandatory testing for methamphetamine contamination in rental properties. The move to test if houses have been used as drug labs, or had residue from meth use, would be...

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Meth Contamination: Responding to the Risk

When you hear stories about methamphetamine (also known as ice and crystal meth) the focus has generally been on the user itself and of the impact this horrendous drug has on the human body and behaviours. Over the past year we have seen a different perspective become...

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Neutrasol: Meth Decontamination System

With approximately 700 clandestine lab busts per year and thousands more properties contaminated through heavy use, the business of methamphetamine decontamination is on the rise throughout Australia with a number of cleaning and restoration companies seizing the...

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