The team at Decon Systems have worked extremely hard to build a credible business that serves some of Australia’s largest and highly reputable cleaning and restoration companies, building inspectors and property management firms. Delivering balanced courses based on fact, research and industry guidelines is what we do. We openly discuss lessons learned from around the world, particularly NZ where the industry evolved very quickly and was targeted by a minority who aimed to exploit the lack of regulation. In order for our delegates to provide accurate and ethically-sound consultation to their clients, it is up to us to provide the knowledge, resources and research available that will assist in informative decision making. This we do extremely well.

Unfortunately, there is always someone who will try their best to bring you down…

One of our competitors, a Gold Coast training provider, has been quick to jump on the coat tail of a recent ABC report into the meth testing industry, going as far as intimating that Decon Systems have been pushing an agenda of unethical behaviour and scaremongering in our courses. Given their own history of poor business practice, lack of integrity and various conflicts of interest within the industry, we feel it is a desperate attempt to discredit our business in order to increase their diminishing course delegate numbers. These speculative accusations are based on lies and the desire to gain a competitive edge.

Behaviour of this nature is unfortunately becoming far too common in an industry that lacks adequate regulation, compliance and governance. So how do we move forward? If the lessons learned in NZ are anything to go by, establishing an industry association is the first action required. This association must publish a code of ethics and standard operating procedures that service providers should adhere to. Accredited training is also a must, and as Australia’s premium methamphetamine contamination training provider we would very much welcome this introduction. These first steps will drive consumer confidence and assurance within the industry, and will also wean out the so called “cowboy” testing, decontamination and training companies who are looking to take advantage of those vulnerable as a result of a lack of awareness and/or industry oversight.

For the avoidance of any doubt, Decon Systems Australia Pty Ltd are an independent training company delivering cleaning and restoration courses throughout Australia. We do not provide meth testing and decontamination services and are solely focused on educating, upskilling and raising awareness through high quality and informative training courses. Although we are an independent training partner for a number of large organisations in Australia, our strategic objectives are solely focused on the best interests of the industry and the people it serves, and are not aligned with any other company.