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A meth testing course that challenges you to explore all avenues during client consultation


On average there is approximately 600 clandestine laboratory busts each year throughout Australia. The Australian Crime Commission states that for every lab bust there is another 10 operating undetected.  This does not take into account properties contaminated as a result of prolonged heavy smoking of the drug.

With landlords and property managers building an appetite to manage the risks associated with meth contamination, and home buyers seeking assurance that any properties of interest are toxic-free and safe for occupancy, we are seeing increased demand for meth testing services in all major cities throughout Australia.

As a technician providing sampling services to property stakeholders it is imperative that you are not only certified as competent in the field of NIOSH 9111 methodology, but you have a comprehensive understanding of what methamphetamine is, how it can contaminate, and the testing options available to your client. This is where Decon Systems come in!

“Isaac and Rosemary are both fantastic educators and will do everything they can before, during and after the course to ensure you have a good understanding of both testing and decontaminating methamphetamine.”   Alliance Building 

Developed in line with the Australian Voluntary Code of Practice, Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines, and relevant state directives this course will teach you how to conduct NIOSH 9111 meth testing and assessments on properties in Australia, and provides insight into the drug methamphetamine and the impact its residues may have on property and vehicles. There is also a strong focus on meth contamination awareness in which we look at how a property becomes contaminated, testing options and limitations, and the how to manage the risk of meth contamination as a landlord, property manager or insurer.

The Decon Systems meth testing course  is designed for anyone wanting to set up their own meth testing company or to add meth testing to their existing services.

Our learnings are based on latest industry research and best practice, ensuring our delegates are in a position to engage in accurate and ethically-sound consultation with their clients.

Course Overview

  • what is meth and how does it contaminate surfaces within homes, vehicles etc.
  • characteristics of a meth lab and user sites
  • Australian Voluntary Code of Practice
  • health & safety and site risk assessment
  • overview of sampling kits available in Australia
  • where to take a sample and why
  • instructions on how to collect a NIOSH 9111 compliant meth sample
  • how to use the Meth Rescue instant test kit
  • instructions for post decontamination sampling
  • understanding and interpreting laboratory analysis documents
  • reporting and insurance

Why Choose Us?

  • 10+ years combined experience in the meth contamination industry. We know what we’re talking about!
  • courses are recognised by industry insurance providers ensuring you can acquire adequate professional indemnity and public liability cover 
  • our course material is independently reviewed  for quality and accuracy by industry subject matter experts
  • we do not provide meth testing services and therefore hold no conflict of interest
  • we provide unlimited post-course support and guidance 
  • access to industry images and content for your website and social media channels
  • discounted pricing on Meth Rescue instant test kits
  • service, quality and integrity assured!

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