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Decon Systems is a professional restoration training and consultancy company, specialising in meth contamination. We offer a variety of courses, including meth testing, meth decontamination, mould remediation and IICRC in all major Australian cities. Additionally, we run awareness seminars for those in industries that are affected by meth contamination, such as property management and insurance. Our teachings are based on latest industry research and best practice, ensuring our delegates are in a position to engage in accurate and ethically-sound consultation with their clients.

Meth testing and decontamination training, cleaning products and business support 

With more than 30 years in the professional decontamination and cleaning fields, Decon Systems brings a wealth of experience to the meth decontamination and restoration industry in Australia. We provide end to end solutions for our customers, whether it be upskilling through decontamination training, quality industry products and cleaning systems or through business support and guidance. 

Our team has a breadth of skills in various business operational disciplines, including sales, marketing and advertising, finance, business software systems, and risk management. It is these skills that enable us to provide a robust support network to our delegates, ensuring they can effectively implement our course learnings into their cleaning and restoration business operations.

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We pride ourselves on service, quality and integrity. Using training and education as a driver, we help our delegates successfully achieve their business objectives and desired outcomes.