IICRC Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Technician (RRT)


The IICRC Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician (RRT) course teaches techniques and safety issues related to carpet repair and re-installation, carpet construction, inspection process prior to cleaning, tools of the trade, floor preparation, adhesives, carpet cushion installation, tackless strip and moldings, seaming, and proper stretching.


This course has been designed for restorers and carpet cleaners who are tasked with rectifying faults that develop in already installed carpet. Insurers dictate the quality of workmanship for restorers. The insured is entitled to pre-loss condition and restorers need to be able to deliver that. Carpet cleaners find many situations that cannot be rectified by cleaning. These include tears, burn marks, indelible stains, faulty seams, missing tufts and much more. 

The purpose of this course is to impart to you the skills required to set you apart as a master carpet-maintenance technician and restorer and more than anything, to avoid walking away with money left on the floor. Many of these skills are largely forgotten. You will learn to install carpet to AS/NZS 2455 and can charge appropriately for your repair skills as you help your clients to avoid expensive and unnecessary replacement.

$70 exam fee payable direct to IICRC.

* Lunches and snacks are provided by Decon Systems